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A Message from President Hill

March 7, 2016

Dear members of the Vassar community,

I know that many of you are deeply involved in campus issues related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and BDS, and others are following the issues closely. These discussions are creating stress on campus, as members of our community hold very different views on these complicated matters.  I am writing to express how vital it is that, even as we disagree, we discuss these issues as a community committed to engaging respectfully with diverse viewpoints.

We are hearing from students on all sides of the issue that many are extremely uncomfortable with the nature of the dialogue on campus. In addition, some are experiencing attacks on social media from both inside and outside the college community that are completely unacceptable.  We denounce these attacks and ask that other members of our community do the same.  We encourage all members of our community to report any instances of discrimination, harassment, threats or intimidation over social media or on campus to our Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action office so that the college can take appropriate steps. 

Our priorities on campus remain supporting all of our students and creating opportunities for broad and respectful dialogue around these and other important issues. This is key to our academic mission and to having a community that supports each other and our diverse viewpoints.

Catharine Hill