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Community letter from President Hill, Thursday, November 12, 2015

Dear members of the Vassar community,

I am writing to recognize this very painful and tumultuous time in America and on the Vassar campus. We must face the work we still have to do to live up to our ideals of equality and justice by confronting racism in our society and on our campus. We see the pain that is being experienced by students of color on the University of Missouri campus, at Yale University, at other colleges and universities around the country and most importantly on the Vassar campus. We know that here at Vassar racism continues to exist. We are committed to making the institutional changes needed to create a place of real belonging and respect for every member of our community. We have been working over the last few years to make Vassar a stronger and healthier place, and many of you have contributed great effort to improving circumstances on campus. But we still have much work to do. I look forward to doing this work with you and building the community we want to be.

Catharine B. Hill